Toddler Bed Guard / Baby Bumper Protector

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Ready for the transition of moving your baby to his or her new bed from their cot and wanting to ensure they are nor going to roll out of their bed whilst sleeping. The toddler Bed Guard is the perfect solution. During the early move from their cot to the bigger bed they are more likely to roll out of their bed and the Toddler Bed Guard gives you that added reassurance of a good nights sleep for all. It is also still important to ensure your child’s safety whilst sleeping.

How does it work? Simply place the foam bed guard underneath the fitted cover and that is it fitted. No more of the unsightly meta or wooden bed guards which can also be difficult to install and remove. The traditional bed guards can also be restrictive in their uses.

The Toddler Bed Guard is made from a firm foam and is protected with ultra-fresh which also prevents unwanted microbial growths such as dust mites and other unwanted household bugs which can trigger asthma and other allergies. With the Ultra-Fresh protection, it also ensures the foam will stay cleaner for longer and keeping odours away for longer.

The Toddler Bed Guard Dimensions are 120mm high x 120mm wide x 1000mm long

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