How To Measure

How to measure for replacement cushions

The most accurate way to measure for replacement foam for cushions is to measure the existing covers.  Over time foam can lose its shape and even more so on lower budget foam which will not allow you to get an accurate measurement.

Follow these easy steps to get the best measurement for your replacement cushions, if you are unsure contact our team who will be only too happy to guide you through the process.

Always measure the cover from seam to seam

The sewing seam will give you the most accurate measurement.

Measure front to back & side to side

Stretch the cushion tight to guarantee that you have a snug fit with the new foam. Remember to measure both the front and the back of the cushion as some cushions can have a variance from the front to the back.   

Measure the depth

Again, to ensure an accurate measurement measure the depth from seam to seam, again pulling the cover tight to ensure a snug fitting with the new foam. If the cushion has piping, then the measurement should be taken from between the piping.

Measuring across the centre

It is best not to measure a cushion across the centre as some cushions are domed and this will give a larger measurement than that is required.

No existing cushion cover to measure?

Remember foam is flexible so it so will not need to be measured to the exact millimetre and always better to go slightly bigger with your required measurement as the cover will pull the foam back in.

Got an awkward shaped cushion to measure?

Follow the instructions on our online calculator for your shaped cushion if it’s a custom-made product contact us and we will guide you through and send a template on how to measure for your new or replacement cushions.