Dacron & Stockinette

Dacron & Stockinette

Foam for Home offer both Dacron & stockinette and is one of only a few foam suppliers that offers both products they are available as an additional option when buying your new cushions.  Both products go hand in hand.

Dacron is used to give your cushion are fuller more rounded softer appearance it also reduces any wrinkles in the cushion cover and generally improves the aesthetic appearance of your cushion covers.

Dacron Top

Dacron Wrapped

Foam For Home recommend that the Dacron is fully wrapped around your new cushions to give a complete fuller appearance. The Dacron is securely bonded to the cushion when you place your order. Other advantages of Dacron are added comfort and also increases the longevity of your cushions and always giving the fuller wrinkle free look to your cushion covers.

Stockinette We recommend having all your foam cushion inserts wrapped in stockinette, although not essential it does have a few advantages it makes removing your cushion covers a much easier task with no friction unlike when the foam is not covered with stockinette. Protecting your foam with stockinette also prevents premature wear of both the foam and your cushion covers.