Mattress for Caravan 

Foam For Home offer a massive range of foam mattresses. We offer a choice that can be used in your caravan and mattresses for the home which are going to take more usage. With a range of densities from medium density to high density depending on what you are using it for. For example if it’s going to be used for the children than there is no need to be paying extra dollars for a premium high density when a medium density will be more than adequate.

Daybed Mattress

What about a mattress for a Daybed? We often get asked is there a specific type of foam to be used for Daybed mattresses. Well the answer really depends upon where the Daybed is. If it is under cover then a standard high density will be more than adequate. However if the Daybed is exposed to the elements then it would be recommended that a reticulated foam is used. Even if the mattress is covered with a water repellent fabric it is likely water will soak through the seams and over time this will create mould and mildew along with unwanted smells.