Foam cut to size Perth

So you have that classic retro TV chair that you have just brought home to take pride of place. However it still has the old original seat & back foam that have spent the last 50 years soaking up the smells and bodily fluids of many different people. Sounds lovely doesn’t it. But it’s true and given the fact that it is recommended to change your seat foams every 10 years or when worn if inferior foam quality I’m sure many of us don’t do this.  Who knows what’s lurking in there!

But where would you find foam to fit this original 1960’s Parker Knoll TV chair or Fler chair you may ask? Come and see the furniture foam experts at Foam for Home. With a range of templates of old original foam shapes Foam for Home can find the most suitable replacement bringing this old flat cushion back to life. Whats-more them old stale smells will be left behind too with the fresh smell of UltraGuard™ ensuring your new foams are guarded against bad odours and protected against mold and mildew growth.

Foam for Home cover all suburbs of Perth with a speedy 2-3 day turnaround on your order, we also supply our cut to size foam to all states nationally too.