With many different types of foam available to choose from selecting the right foam for your requirements is critical, Afterall you do need some comfort whilst lounging.

At Foam for Home we have simplified choosing the right foam for your needs in to 3 of our most popular foams. However, that’s not to say we can’t offer you a wider range of suitable foams depending upon your requirements.

We offer a standard collection from our economy grade which is a suitable foam for areas that may not be subjected to a lot of usage or may only be taking light weight then this foam is an ideal choice. The economy grade is also a great cheaper alternative against our medium grade foams for back rest furniture given the seats back generally take less weight.

Our medium grade range is a set up from the economy range. This is great for back foams as mentioned earlier take less weight than seat foams and is also a great foam for seating for occasional usage.

Our premium grade seating foam is a firm foam and is ideal for all aspects of upholstery from seating on lounge furniture to outdoor alfresco seating.

We also have a wide range of specialty foams from memory foams which are suitable for long periods of being seated and are popular for wheel chair seating to ensure excellent comfort.

Visit our online calculator or call our friendly team for more help and advice.